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Fire Restoration in Gowanus, NY

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Gowanus, NY

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Fire Restoration - Gowanus, NY

Awk Construction Inc is Gowanus' leading choice for fire restoration services. For years, we've been serving residential and commercial customers in the area and we've become industry leaders because of our high quality service and our unbeatable prices.

Once the fire is taken care of and the smoke has cleared, it's important to start the restoration process. Unfortunately, fire and smoke can leave lots of soot and damage. Furthermore, smoke can get into tiny crevices and can be very hard to find. At Awk Construction Inc, we'll find all the smoke damage and soot and get your home back to good condition.

When you hire our company, you can expect professional service, a dedicated staff and a positive experience. We've served hundreds of customers in the past and we've always maintained the highest standards in the industry.

Give us a call if you need our help: (718) 301-2100

For more information, please visit our main website.

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